American DietDo you know the different factors that play critical role in the American diet?  While the United States is regarded one of the powerful nations in the world today, there is one area that this country is failing. Yes, your guess is right, while Americans are doing great in the different fields such as in security, technology, economy, and others; these people fail miserably in their diet programs. If you are interested in this subject, we will help to answer the questions you have in your mind. Allow us to begin the discussion by telling you that the race, location big factors in American diets.

Based on the findings of the several studies about the U.S. diet, there are several factors that have something to do with the foods that most Americans usually eat. Some of the factors are the following: age, location, race, and their upbringing. All of these things have their respective effects to the U.S. diet, which might be the reason why it often fall below the diet’s standard.

Below are some of the facts and information that will help you understand the American diets:

The diet that a typical American follows is divided into the different dietary patterns, which play a critical role on its success and failure.

  • According to some studies, the black Americans prefer the southern diet which is comprised of fried foods sweetened drinks, and the processed meats.
  • A healthy diet is the one that is comprised of nutritious foods such as fAmerican Diet 1ruits and vegetables.
  • Sweets diet is comprised of sugary drinks, snacks, and your favorite desserts.

As you can see, Americans are following different diets depending on the race and the place they are residing. Simply put, the diet trend that is going on in one place is likely the one that people there will also follow.

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