Not All Diet Foods Are Effective1There are a lot of diet food products available in the market today. Everywhere you look, you will see different diet items being marketed online, on TV, magazines and in newspapers. However, not all of these items are effective. If you are one of the many people who are fond of buying all sorts of diet product, there are some things which you need to know.

According to the statement provided by Cara Rosenbloom, a registered dietitian and President of Words To Eat By, the diet products offered by manufacturers contain low fat content because they either add or reduce sugar by adding fat. The best way to determine if a particular product is right for your dietary needs is the Nutritional panel information.

The clinical manager at the Rotherham Institute for obesity, Dr. Matthew Capehorn said that he has dealt with a lot of patients who are thinking that they will be able to lose weight by cutting on those low fat food products. Because of that observation, Dr. Capehorn along with his team conducted a study reviewing different low fat products featured by different manufacturers.

He said that based on the review that they have conducted, consumers who are watching their weight should be very cautious and check the food labels at all times. It’s because one out of 10 products contain more calories compared Not All Diet Foods Are Effectiveto the typical fat substitute.

In line with this issue, Global News have conducted an unofficial check on grocery stores and they found out that Weight Watcher products have lower fat and calories as opposed to other diet branded items except in 2 specific cases.

One 36 gram brownie product contained 130 calories and 14 grams of sugar. Another 25 gram brownie bar had 100 calories and 10 grams of sugar. One 100 gram yogurt product had 50 calories and 4 grams of sugar.

Rosenbloom explains to the clients the proper way of reading the product label. She also taught them how to choose the right diet product that will suit their needs. She emphasized that it is very important to read the nutritional panels and check out the list of ingredients included in the product so that they will know exactly what they are going to eat.

Diet ChangesWill people still learn to eat right?

In one of my recent trips to Starbucks, I witnessed a very promising moment between a mom and her 4-year old kid. Inside the store the daughter asked if she could have some chips and the mother disagreed saying, “That’s not real food.” Then the little kid went for the popcorn and the mom agreed. Well, I thought, she had a point. Popcorns can be considered “real food” since it’s basically a corn (in a weird way) but what got my attention is the awareness that the mom is instilling to her daughter and the fact that it clearly shows how people are now becoming more conscious of what they eat.

To me restaurants are like laboratories where you can observe people’s eating behavior. If you’re to interview a waiter (as I have), you’ll find out that people are more particular now at how they want their food to be prepared in the healthiest way possible. I’m proud to say that I’m one of those people. I had dinner with my friends last week and instead of ordering what’s written on the menu I asked the waiter for some modifications: A Greek omelet, but only egg whites and only small amount of feta cheese, no toast and instead of hash browns I ordered a baked potato but with no butter. My friends were all staring at me. Well, I did that not because I don’t like hash browns or butter but because I’m cutting down on calories for a “healthy” change. After ordering, one of my friends said that I should do an article about people who do what I just did: improving one’s eating habits by changing the menu. Just like me (after seeing how she removed the croutons on her salad) she’s also starting to eat healthy while the rest of the gang went with what’s on the menu.

More and more people are asking for “some” changes in their food when they dine out. There is really nothing wrong with it, however, some restaurants (especially high-end restaurants) just can give in to these kinds of requests for the reason the altering the menu can have an effect on the their food’s outcome, ruining their chef’s culinary creativity. Well, it’s fine by me, it’s still nice to have some of those “unhealthy” stuffs sometimes.

While menu editing is a good way to eat healthy, another way that most people are getting used to doing is calorie Diet Changes1counting. Some restaurants actually have the calorie content or the food that they serve posted on their menus. Unless you have no restrictions whatsoever, you can calculate how much you want to take in one sitting. However, a survey posted on the Tufts University Health and Nutrition Letter (October 2013 issue) revealed that only 1 out of 10 people really “do it” when they say they want to eat healthy. As it turns out, people often failed to follow through the moment that they need to decide.

People have been living this way far too long to make that sudden change. I mean, people eat out to experience food prepared “the perfect way.” When I was a kid I thought home cooked meals are boring that’s why I get so excited whenever we eat out. I guess, for me (back then) restaurant foods is how real food should taste. It was just now that I’m all grown up and more aware of the real benefits of the food that we eat that I realized how much impact restaurant foods brings to our health. Well, it’s life. There may be some things that we cannot change, but there are also some that we can. If we can’t change how we depend on restaurants to keep our tummy happy, we might as well learn how to edit some in the menu to keep ourselves healthy, right?

Losing FatDifferent techniques and methods are used to help people shed off some of their excess weights. Actually the most commonly used and often efficient method is by having a typically good and healthy diet together with some exercise routines. This is process is true and effective as long as it is done right. There are times that people actually fail in losing weight simply because they do not understand or just do not follow the guidelines correctly. Having fat loss without a negative low calorie impact is important in losing weight especially since most people cut on their calorie intake just to make it happen.

Minimizing calorie intake is not bad and will actually help those who wanted to tone their muscles and remove their fats. This is a good method as long as it is done correctly. Our calorie intake affects the weight of a person with bigger amount of calorie. This also means weight gain and smaller amount can mean weight loss, but with just the right amount, it is like maintaining or keeping the weight in balance.

Losing Fat 1If you plan to cut back some calories, make sure that the food selections you will have can provide the nutrients that your body needs. This is very important because the effectiveness of the diet will be determined through this. With a low calorie yet satisfying food, it is possible to lose some weight; however, choosing the wrong foods might aid you in ending up losing more water rather than fats, which is not a good thing. Starving the body is also not a good move, you can lose weight, but, definitely, it will also be gained back again.

Losing weight is a matter of making the right choices and decisions. Many people are thinking that less calories is good; whatever kind of food they prepare. But the truth is that choosing the right foods for your meals can absolutely make a difference.

Kinds Of Weight LossWeight loss can be considered one of the most reached-for goals of many people around the world. The number of people who are gaining weight than the average level is getting higher and it is not improving or even lessening a bit. And because of many factors that make obesity and overweight big and serious issues to many, different faces of weight loss have been introduced for these people to try. However, choosing one might be confusing especially since there are those that really work and those that are not.

The typical face of weight loss is through the use of natural method, which is to eat healthier and work out more. This means, it works by minimizing the calorie intake through healthy foods and increasing the calorie burning through workouts. This is the most common method, but not many get to succeed with this kind of solution.

Another face of losing weight is through the help of diet supplements. This is common Kinds Of Weight Loss1nowadays and has been very in demand to those who want to lose weight rapidly. Although there are some supplements that are natural and safe, there are still plenty of those that are harmful and may promote health risks.

On the other hand, the hypnotherapy is also one of the famous trends right now. This is used to hypnotize and condition the person to change or realize what makes him fail in losing weight. This is somewhat tricky and should be done with proper consultation and must be performed only by professionals.

In losing weight, there would be many deceiving methods as well as useful methods. This is why, it is essential to be very critical in choosing the kind of weight loss plan that you would try and stick with yourself. This is an important step to prevent future problems that may affect your health and even your life.

Liz HurleyElizabeth Hurley is known for modeling bikinis and of course for her great looking body. Aside from that fact, she is also known for keeping her body in good shape with great food choices and some worthy workouts. And even at the age of 46, she still manages to keep her body in good shape—which became the envy of many as well as the inspiration of others. That is why with Liz Hurleys bikini diet secret revealed topics, many became interested.

It is not a secret that Liz is living on a healthy diet and even with her gorgeous body in shape; she still thinks that there is still a room for improvement. She is indeed fond of making her foods herself, which is essential in managing a body. This way it is easier to maintain your wLiz Hurley1eight or lose a little by knowing all the ingredients mixed in your food. And with this kind of ability it is easier for Hurley to maintain a good diet.

And when it comes to improvement, she did not mean that she will lessen her food intake or that she has to work out more than the usual. The best way she could expand her good and healthy lifestyle is by enrolling in a culinary school and get to know more recipes and foods that can help her maintain a good and healthy body without the need of eating bland or tasteless foods. And because of this, she tends to read more recipes and explore new things that could improve her food choices as well as her health.

Maintaining a good body and an excellent health is definitely one of the most challenging things to do especially with all the food choices and tasty treats that are out there. However, by choosing the right food and by knowing how to make it healthier, it will be much easier to maintain and be in a shape just like Liz Hurley’s.

U.S. Teens Don’t Eat Enough FruitsU.S. teens don’t eat enough fruits and veggies. This is never a surprising thing for us. It has been known to the public that children and teenagers are really having a hard time dealing with fruits and vegetables. But this becoming a norm does not necessarily mean that we need not to do anything at all. We all know the beauty of these foods and we do not want our children to unable to get it.

According to the research conducted, only about 33% of teenagers are able to manage to eat fruits and vegetables once a day. And it has been found out that males are able to eat more of these healthy foods than the girls. The black and Hispanic Americans are found out to be the least consumers of the said nutritious foods. The test was conducted among the graders in the ninth to twelfth levels. It was concluded that the higher levels consume less than the lower ones.
If a teenager works about 30 minutes of outdoor activities, 1.5 cups to 2.5 cups of vegetables are required for a female, and 2 cups to 3 cups for a male. This is the recommendation made by the Department of Health.

U.S. Teens Don’t Eat Enough Fruits 1The issue with regards the lesser consumption of veggies and fruits by the teenagers is not as simple as we think it is. The health condition and their growth in totality is what at risk. Therefore, some campaigns have been introduced to give cure to the problem. School gardening, presence of salad bar in schools and farm-to-school initiatives are just three of the campaigns that were launched.

It is not yet too late for the teens! With just the right guide, we can be able to help them achieve a healthy and better lifestyle. Let us start, now!

Women’s Weight StatusDo you know that U.S. women could be more obese than believed? If you are confused with this question and you think that that women are not suffering much from obesity given their vanity over their appearances, then allow us to give you some proofs that will correct this misconception on women.

While it is a common impression that women are doing everything to maintain slim bodies, there is one fact that most people are forgetting to pay attention to. As you can see, one basis that is used to determine that women are not prone to being obese has its flaws, which means its results can also be misleading. What we are referring here is the BMI or also known as Body Mass Index.

According to BMI calculation, almost half of the women population is safe from obesity. However, the manner that the weight of these women is measured is not actually indicating accurate results.

If you cannot avoid getting confused with our subject, then allow us to give you some facts that will make things clearer for you.

BMI, or Body Mass Index, is not including the actual body fats percentage of one person. Because of this, most experts Women’s Weight Status1believe that the results of this tool are not accurate and could be unreliable. According to most weight experts, in order to determine if one person is obese or not, the percentage of the body fats as well as the height and weight ratio of one person must be included in the computation. In this way, one will be informed accurately if he is near the critical level of obesity or if he is still within the normal weight.

If the weight measurement will be used to women today, you will be surprised to see that most of them are actually obese and suffering certain weight problems. The result will also prove that regardless of the gender of one person, these weight issues do not spare anyone.

Ideal WeightThere is a reason why some people couldn’t seem to stay in their diet no matter how hard they try. You may not believe it but there is a connection between your hormones and weight loss. This explains why some just couldn’t seem to stop unhealthy eating habits. Now, to win the battle against weight gain, it may help if you will know what these hormones are and how you can make them “behave properly.” For all you know, balancing your hormones could be the best weight loss remedy that you’ve been looking for.

Here are the hormones that are responsible for that uncontrollable impulse.

• Ghrelin – a hormone responsible for stimulating the appetite. This pretty much tells your body to crave for those sweet things especially if you’re in a good or bad mood. It is proven that the ghrelin level is increased when a person deprive himself of sleep which means increased appetite and a feeling of hunger. However, consumption of wholesome foods such as fruits and vegetables can help balance it out. There is also 5-HTP that can help decrease your sugar cravings and promote sleep.

• Leptin is the hormone that tells the body to stop eating or that the body had enough food already. If you’re gaining weight it means you have low levels of leptin. However, eating anti-inflammatory foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and seeds can help increase the level of leptin in the body.

Ideal Weight1• Cortisol changes the ability of the body to maintain a decent weight. This is used by our body in decreasing inflammations but high levels of it can slow down your metabolism. But there was a study conducted that discovered the ability of an herb, Siberian Rhodiola in lowering the levels of cortisol in the body.

• Adiponectin is the hormone that tells the body to burn fat for fuel. People with fast metabolism have high levels of Adiponectin that’s why they do not gain weight no matter how much they eat. If you want your body to have that natural fat burning commanding general as well, eating food rich in omega 3 and high fiber intake can do the trick.

You will notice that eating the same kind of food can help balance out hormone levels in the body, which leads us to one important thing – eating healthy is always the best.

soy1If you are updating yourself with the latest health news happening around you, then for sure, you have heard the one concerning the soy products. Soy – the perfect diet food? This is one of the questions that are consistently asked by most dieters especially those who are not getting the desired results from their weight loss program.

In case you are one of the people who are confused and do not know how to answer this question, then we will be able to help you by providing some facts about the soy foods, which you can use as your basis in making your final assessment.

One way to convince those unbelievers of the soy diet is to lay down the benefits that they can get from implementing this program to their daily lives. Here are some of the soy diet benefits that you must take note of:

  • Soy foods have the capacity to prevent various health problems such as the coronary heart illnesses. According to FDA, including a minimum of 25 grams of the soy protein to your regular diet will effectively lower the level of soyyour body’s cholesterol, especially the bad cholesterols, or also called the LDL.
  • Soy products can also combat cancer because of the phytoestrogens it contains. The most powerful phytoestrogens that can be found in the soy foods is the isoflavones that are found to be effective in lowering the risk of suffering prostate and breast cancer.
  • Women should consume soy foods on a regular basis since these foods will help them deal with their menopausal symptoms. The same phytoestrogens that are found in this food have the capability to alleviate the painful and uncomfortable symptoms that women experience during their menopausal stage.

The benefits that can be derived from eating soy foods will be enough to conclude that soy diet deserves to be called as the perfect diet. In case you are not contented with the results you get from your current diet plan, including soy foods on it is a smart move that you must make now.

desired weightWhat are the six little changes you can make to acquire your desired weight? Are you aware that huge changes are achieved through small things? Yes, you read this right. You can achieve positive things for your weight loss goal, even if you will start it by making small changes, most particularly in your eating habit.

Here are the 6 minor changes that can bring positive results for your weight loss goal:

  • Go green. If you want to stay fit and healthy, you must incorporate the green leafy vegetables in your regular diet. In case your kids do not want to eat these foods, you must be up to the challenge of introducing vegetables to the regular diet of your children. One way to do this is to learn some recipes that involved vegetables that your kids will surely like.
  • Maximize the portion of the foods you eat. This will mean that you have to do some changes in the way you eat. If you are used in eating in large plate, then you will need to scrap this habit and replace it with smaller one. In this way, you will be able to maximize the amount of calories your body takes each day.
  • Make sure that half of your plate is filled of vegetables. Just like what has been mentioned earlier, vegetables are an essential part of every successful diet program, due to the nutrients desired weight1that they give.
  • Learn to cook your own food. This is very helpful especially if you really want to be sure of the foods you eat. Instead of dining out, cooking your own dishes is much better.
  • Never skip breakfast.
  • Pay attention on the details of every food item you buy inside the market.

By just doing the mentioned 6 little changes, you are guaranteed to achieve your ultimate goal.

Soda AddictionSaying no to soda is one thing that is not as simple as most people think. If you are one of the individuals who are addicted to drinking it, you will realize that stopping from doing so is not easy. Even if you bring this matter to the attention of most health experts, they will surely put emphasis to the difficulties of eliminating your habit of drinking soda.

While saying no to drinking soda is not a simple task, it does not mean that you should be discouraged. There are many ways on how and why you should stop drinking soda, which we will share in the following paragraphs. With the help of the information we are about to provide here, you will have enough reasons why you must give your 100% effort in stopping this drinking soda habit.

Below are the negative effects that soda can cause to your body:

  • Most brands of sodas do not contain the essential nutrients that your body needs. What these beverages have are lots of calories and sugar which are both detrimental to the success of any weight loss program.
  • Soda is one of the leading causes of obesity and diabetes. According to some studies, one major cause of obesity and diabetes is the too much consumption of soda. This is extremely alarming since most of the consumers of this beverage are the youth, which also include your kids. Just think of the long term effect that soda can cause to your little ones, if you will allow them to be addicted to it.
  • Soda Addiction1Soda will affect your dental health. The sugar that is contained in this beverage will erode the surface of your teeth thus causing some dental problems such as cavities, tooth decay, and plaque buildup.
  • Soda can weaken the bones. This is true since most brands of soft drinks contain too much caffeine and phosphorus, which are considered as the agents of osteoporosis, a major bone problem that is experienced in various countries.

After laying down the negative implications of the soda to your health, you now have all the reasons and motivation to stop drinking this sweet beverage and start improving your health.

American DietDo you know the different factors that play critical role in the American diet?  While the United States is regarded one of the powerful nations in the world today, there is one area that this country is failing. Yes, your guess is right, while Americans are doing great in the different fields such as in security, technology, economy, and others; these people fail miserably in their diet programs. If you are interested in this subject, we will help to answer the questions you have in your mind. Allow us to begin the discussion by telling you that the race, location big factors in American diets.

Based on the findings of the several studies about the U.S. diet, there are several factors that have something to do with the foods that most Americans usually eat. Some of the factors are the following: age, location, race, and their upbringing. All of these things have their respective effects to the U.S. diet, which might be the reason why it often fall below the diet’s standard.

Below are some of the facts and information that will help you understand the American diets:

The diet that a typical American follows is divided into the different dietary patterns, which play a critical role on its success and failure.

  • According to some studies, the black Americans prefer the southern diet which is comprised of fried foods sweetened drinks, and the processed meats.
  • A healthy diet is the one that is comprised of nutritious foods such as fAmerican Diet 1ruits and vegetables.
  • Sweets diet is comprised of sugary drinks, snacks, and your favorite desserts.

As you can see, Americans are following different diets depending on the race and the place they are residing. Simply put, the diet trend that is going on in one place is likely the one that people there will also follow.